Trigger is a movable system organized differently according to the location where it is being hosted. This system reshapes the geometry of spaces and, vice versa, space itself transforms the performance action.

The choreographic score, developing inside and outside the perimeter of a geometric figure inscribed in the venue, is constituted of pre-established units of movement, which are arranged instantaneously with one another. The audience is seated along the sides of the geometric figure, sharing the scenic space among the performance.

Trigger is a personal exploration that, for a limited time, aims at transforming a space into a "place". It becomes a shelter, a crossing point and the nest of a body that, in a state of perpetual listening, amplifies the spaces which are internal and external to itself.

Production Cab 008.
With the support of MiBACT and Regione Toscana.
Co-production Cango / Umano – Cantieri internazionali sui linguaggi del corpo e della danza.
In collaboration with Teatro della Toscana.

Created and performed by
Annamaria Ajmone
Palm Wine
Jules Goldsmith
Technical direction
Giulia Pastore

Trigger is a part of the choreographic project Arcipelago/pratiche di abitazione temporanea, actions built to be experienced in non-theatrical spaces.

So far, it took place in:
Florence (Palazzo Pitti, 2015),
Beirut (BIPOD|Festival, 2018),
Sarayyet Ramallah (Mahmoud Darwish Museum, 2018),
Singapore (M1 Contact Festival, 2018),
Seoul (New Dance For Asia, 2018),
Milan (Brera Museum, 2018),
Jerusalem (The Karnaf Granovsky Hall, 2018),
Vilnius (MO Museum, 2019),
Genéve (Adc Saison Danse, 2020),
amongst others.


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"Trigger, voyage corporal et sensorial an Italie", Olivier Frengiville

Listen to Palm Wine

Trigger Atlas is a non-complete collection of images and places where Trigger has been hosted so far. Conceived as a long-term project, it will develop in multiple formats.