De La
ideazione Annamaria Ajmone

consulenza artistica Simone Bertuzzi and Lauren Mackler

abito Caned Icoda

cura e organizzazione Night Gallery and Public Fiction

31 marzo 2016, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (USA)




                                                       Night Gallery and Public Fiction present:

                                                                                  De La


For this durational performance, set within the current exhibitions, Annamaria Ajmone will perform, in
improvisation, to the soundtrack without images, of La Région Central, the 1971 work by Canadian
filmmaker Michael Snow.
La Région Central was set up as an experiment in filmmaking and shot with endurance, over 24
hours, with a custom-made robotic arm holding the camera as it scanned a landscape void of human
Through her precise, strange and contorted movements, Annamaria Ajmone articulates the
grotesque human-ness of her body. De La, is a performance which ushers the performer and her public
across the space of the gallery, through rooms, under doorways, against walls, subverting the traditional
viewing experience and treating the whole gallery as a stage. By responding to her environment, making
eye contact and taking moments of intentional and uncomfortable pause, Ajmone reverses the role of
viewer and performer, she reads her public while being read. “Viewers” are invited to come and go for
the duration of the performance.

                                                                                                                                          Lauren  Mackler